Cocerts in Winter

14.03.2016 15:53

Concert in Moscow Central House of Art Workers's with M. Bezchastnov. Programme: Chopin, selected etudes, List Rhapsody #12, Prokofiev sonata #8, pieces by Scriabin, nocturne op. 27 31 by Chopin and encores. 28. 01. 19.00 Tickets:500 Rub.

Richter's MoscowMuseum in Moscow. Prokofiev . Sonatas ##7,8, Shostakovich Prelude and fugue #2, Scriabin ,Chopin, List, Alexeev pieces as encores. Tickets: 500 Rub.

Concert in Chopin Moscow College. Prokofiev  Sonatas #8, Scriabin Sonata #2,Chopin selected etudes, List rhapsody #12, Tchaikovsky-Alexeev pieces as encores.